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4 Downtown Evanston Businesses & Organizations That Can Help Streamline Your Routine


When life gets hectic, you may wish you could wave a magic wand to help save time or get daily chores done faster. While we don’t know any magic spells, these four downtown Evanston, Illinois, businesses and organizations near The Link Evanston can help streamline your routine.

How Can I Speed Up Meal Prep?

If you’re trying to throttle back on pricey meal delivery and fattening fast food but don’t always have time to cook a full, healthy meal, go the semi-homemade route. Head to Whole Foods Market (1640 Chicago Ave.) and grab some grilled chicken breasts or a rotisserie chicken from the deli. Back at your apartment, slice the chicken into strips, throw together a salad, and voila – a tasty, balanced meal. Or you can slice and grill some onions and bell peppers, toss the sliced chicken in to warm it, and then use the mixture for fajitas or put it in a hoagie roll with some sliced or grated cheese to make a delicious sando.

Another easy semi-homemade hack calls for Whole Foods’ premade pizza dough. Use it to make pizza (of course!), calzones, or flatbreads with your favorite toppings or fillings. Don’t forget, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get discounts and free delivery to streamline your shopping and meal prep even more.

Is There a Way to Make Laundry Day Easier?

Adulting can be hard – especially when it comes to staying on top of your laundry. But Tide Cleaners (1739 N. Sherman Ave.) and Lake City Cleaners (1115-A Emerson St.) both offer pickup and delivery for their laundry and dry cleaning services. So whether you’re having a temporary laundry crisis or you simply hate laundry and want to make this a regular thing, they’ve got you covered. Just fill up the provided reusable bag with your dirty clothing, leave it out for your scheduled pickup, and the laundry fairies will magically return your clothes in a few days clean, neat, and ready to wear. Now that’s magical!

Take Advantage of the Evanston Public Library

If the University Library is closed or you’re in a race against the clock to finish an assignment, cram for an exam, or find an escapist read to fill a few empty hours, there’s a solution just down the street. The main branch of the Evanston Public Library (1703 Orrington Ave.) is less than half a mile from The Link Evanston and can be a lifesaver when you don’t have time to hoof it all the way across the Northwestern campus.

Enjoy all that spare time you’ll now have, and check out our Neighborhood page for more local businesses, services, and organizations that can make your life easier. Take a look at our other blog posts for more recommendations on nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment.


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