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A woman holding a coffee mug looks at her laptop while sitting on the sofa with a chunky knit blanket and a sleeping dog on her lap.

3 Ways to Cozy Up Your Apartment for Winter


Make your Evanston apartment a warm and welcoming haven from the snowy Illinois winter. Cozy it up to the max with these three easy winter decorating ideas from The Link Evanston, and you’ll always love coming home.

Why Not Add Some Seasonal Scents?

Winter-themed scents like cinnamon, peppermint, pine, or vanilla are a quick and inexpensive way to instantly make your place feel more homey and welcoming – even with your eyes closed. You’ll find plenty of seasonal candles and fragrant diffusers at nearby department stores like Target and discount stores including T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Or head to Edgewater Candles just off Greenwood Street for a handmade soy candle in a classic mason jar with yummy scents like gingerbread, fraser fir, fig and chestnut, and hot cocoa. They also have an amazing collection of oils and reed diffusers.

Amp Up the Warm & Snuggly Textures

Make your apartment feel extra inviting by draping cozy knit or fleece blankets and throws on your couch, bed, and other seating areas to offer additional warmth for those chilly winter nights. If you’re feeling crafty, you can get all the supplies you need to knit or crochet a throw, or take classes to learn how at CloseKnit, less than half a mile from The Link. Top it off with a velvet, chenille, or faux fur pillow or two from World Market to create a space you’ll want to sink into and never leave.

How Can I Stay Toasty in Bed?

Ready to add more warmth and softness to your bed? Swap out your crisp, cotton sheets for a set made of soft flannel or a cotton jersey knit from Pottery Barn or Dormify in the Westfield Old Orchard mall about 10 minutes west in Skokie. Turn up the temperature by adding some extra layers to your bedding with a down or down-alternative mattress pad between your mattress and fitted sheet, and a coordinating blanket or quilt on top of your comforter. A heavier comforter will also ensure your bed is a nest you’ll be comfy in all night long, without keeping the thermostat cranked way up.

With a few simple touches, you can infuse your home with all the coziness you crave when the weather outside turns frightful. Enjoy shopping for winter decor and decorating your apartment at The Link Evanston, and check our other blog posts for more lifestyle and entertainment tips.


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